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Table 1 Databases and resources useful for researching PPIs.

From: Construction and analysis of protein–protein interaction networks

Database URL Resources Refs.
BIND Peer-reviewed bio-molecular interaction database containing published interactions and complexes [79]
BioGRID Protein and genetic interactions from major model organism species [80]
COGs Orthology data and phylogenetic profiles [81, 82]
DIP Experimentally determined interactions between proteins [51]
HPRD Human protein functions, PPIs, post-translational modifications, enzyme–substrate relationships and disease associations [50, 83]
IntAct Interaction data abstracted from literature or from direct data depositions by expert curators [84]
iPFAM Physical interactions between those Pfam domains that have a representative structure in the Protein DataBank (PDB) [85]
MINT Experimentally verified PPI mined from the scientific literature by expert curators [86]
Predictome Experimentally derived and computationally predicted functional linkages [52]
ProLinks Protein functional linkages [87]
SCOPPI Domain–domain interactions and their interfaces derived from PDB structure files and SCOP domain definitions [88]
STRING Protein functional linkages from experimental data and computational predicttions [36, 48]